3D animation, 4K duel channel video,

2.1 sound


11 minutes 3 seconds


Cello improvisation by Jacob Cohen


"ROTATION METHOD" is a 3D animated short film. The 11 minutes film depicts a surreal journey of a traveler in a gold plated racing helmet, accompanied by a dog with a phonograph head. The character’s expedition brings him pleasure, but at the same time places him in difficult circumstances and extreme conditions. The dog as his companion, is a symbol of friendliness and a metaphor of life. However, tension exists between the two, as the dog penetrates the protagonist’s body with its spinning apparatus on the head. Despite this moment, the two continue on their journey, a cycle between life, death and an infinite exploration.

The title "ROTATION METHOD", is in reference to Soren Kierkegaard’s theory. It suggests a mechanism used by aesthetes to avoid boredom, which eventually lead to a state of despair. The phrase is quoted to suggest an endless circle of the character’s expedition, as well as a blend of his uncertainty, frustration, struggle, and enthusiasm. Throughout the film, scenes are filled with man-made artifacts with rotating mechanisms. The constant rotation of these mechanisms  is excessive and neurotic countering the mundanity of the products, which are meant to provide security, calm, or even joy.

The purpose of the travel is unclear but the character’s predicament is accessible. With a vague notion of the significance of the expedition, the film places greater emphasis on emotional transformations and is an intuitive response to the artist’s own experience of moving to and residing in the United States.