Rapid Proto-type 3D Print,
ABS plastic, brass stands


The Ambient Occlusions (The AOs) (2015)
The Ambient Occlusions is a sculptural installation work constituted by a collection of 3D models from my Experimental 3D animation works. These virtual models are printed out using 3D printer. Special coats of paint are applied to the 3D printed objects to mimic a very commonly used material in digital 3D rendering technology, which is called Ambient Occlusion. The combination of the virtual material and the physical objects originally from digital environment questions a distant notion of both a tangible reality and a computer simulations of reality.

境光散射AO (2015)
“环境光散射AO”是一组由我之前一些3维动画中抽取出来的雕塑作品。这些源自于虚拟数字环境的模型通过3D打印机被具象化。特殊的灰色涂料被施加在这些3D打印物件上,用以模拟Ambient Occlusion这种在3维渲染中被大量使用的虚拟材质。这件雕塑作品拼凑起虚拟材质以及从虚拟环境中被实体化的物件,从而质疑我们越来越陌生的关于可触及的现实和虚拟现实之间界限的认知。