MEDIA: video installation, performance,
manuscripts of calculation
DURATION: one hour


I investigate a proposition. The proposition here is to define myself, a person from modern China, through a scientific formula. This investigation blends and obfuscates the boundary of empirical science, formal science, art, philosophy, and literature, in an attempt to explore alternative ways of perception and contemplation. In this project, I collaborate with Jieling Zhao, a PhD in Bioinformatics at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The basic execution of this project is listed below:
1. Document and extract relevant numerical data to define myself within certain or random circumstances, such as physiological index, protein structure parameters, geographic coordinates or social informative numbers, etc.
2. Import the numerals into mathematical, physical, chemical or medical formulas such as calculus formulas (integration, Fourier series,) algebraic formulas (Eigen value, SVD value,) hydrodynamic formulas, energy formulas, etc. The possibilities extend infinitely with continuous study and research.
3. Obtain nonsensical results for visual presentation. Complete procedures of calculation and research will be revealed simultaneously.
As listed above, numerals are obtained from various circumstances. In another word, different results are being worked out. This is in agreement with the purpose of the proposition, which is not seeking a model answer. Therefore, I engage countless results in this proposition. I create a faith in these absurd numerals, at the same time these results cannot solve me any practical issues. The significance of these nonsensical results is no more than serving as my substitutes. These results represent me in various contexts, such as galleries, museums or public spaces.
In this ongoing project, I utilize myself as the object of investigation in an individual case study. The meaning of these isolated formulas is nonexistent. All of the formulas I use are random tools for me. This is an amusing and illegal marriage between logic and non-logic, rationality and absurdity, clarity and vagueness. When I compile these numerals, formulas and results, and relate them to my daily behavior, the process becomes an interesting approach of seeking and contemplating the significance of my being.
Last but not least, I must clarify that I am terrible at mathematics.