MEDIA: video installation, slow motion


A Figure is a video installation piece for the exhibition Power of Copying at Xuzhou Museum of Art from May to July, 2010. The piece is installed in a sixty square meters space in the museum. The duplicated images and slow-motion animation of the piece are achieved with the benefit of digital animation techniques. 
In the piece, I created a “figure”. This figure stripped of flesh is a reference of where I come from, but not telling my future (the pig skull and deer antlers constitute a symbol of dragon in Chinese culture from China’s ancient documentations.) The body gestures in the images took references from Renaissance paintings, as a memory of how I was systematically trained in western classical styles at art schools in China. In the piece, all of the figures are photo of me; I infinitely reproduce myself. These figures carry  my anxiety, my confusion, my fear, my preference, my arrogance, my ideals, my hesitation, my obsession, my ambiguousness of purpose, and the list still can be continued. By any means, each of them reflects the actuality of me, even if they look illusory; the figure is a mirror image of my thoughts and psychological activities. It is an “intermediary.” 
The chaotic scenes and extreme slow-motion movement of all of the figures constitute a neurotic field in the exhibition space. The viewers are encouraged to enter into the conflictive and transcendent space I fabricate. I intend to apply some pressure to the viewers psychologically while they are participating in my contemplation.